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=[[FMMC Production Facilities | Facilities]]=
=[[FMMC Production Facilities | Facilities]]=
<gallery caption="FMMC Production Facilities" widths="350px" heights="150px" perrow="3" align=center>
Image:IMG_0048.JPG|[[FMMC Animation Studio | Animation Studio]]
Image:Axinn011.jpg|[[FMMC Multimedia Lab | Media Lab]]
Image:Axinn012.jpg|[[FMMC Audio Suite | Audio Suite]]
Image:Axinn014.jpg|[[FMMC Advanced Edit Suite | Advanced Edit Suite]]
Image:Axinn015.JPG|[[FMMC Equipment | Equipment Room]]
Image:Axinn016.jpg|[[FMMC Viewing Room | Viewing Room]]
=Course Pages=
=Course Pages=

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Ethan Murphy - Media Production Specialist

Monday -Friday 9am - 5pm

Sam Morrill - Digital Media Assistant

Sunday 12pm - 8pm and Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm

Justin Bogart - Student Lab Assistant

Tuesday 8pm - 12am

Luisa Covaria - Student Lab Assistant

Monday and Wednesday 8pm - 12am

Waylon D'Mello - Student Lab Assistant

Thursday 8pm - 12am



Course Pages

Sight and Sound I

Internet Art


Logging and Capturing

Getting clips from browser to the timeline

Reconnecting Offline Media

External Links

FMMC Homepage

FMMC Departmental Blog

Lending & Facility Use Policy

Lending Policy FAQ

Scripped (Web-based Screenwriting Platform)

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