Facilities Information; Armstrong Library, MBH

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General Information

Circuit Breakers

Located in the upper level copier alcove (rm.203). For assistance contact Tim Wickland x5241, Cathy Ekstrom x 3262, or Facilities Services x5472.

Fire Alarms

Pull stations are located: a) Within Armstrong Library: next to the elevator on the upper level b) Near Armstrong Library: Upper Level immediately outside the library entrance; Lower Level, next to the parking lot exit door.

Fire Extinguishers

There are two. One on the Lower Level in between the rest rooms and one on the Upper Level on the pillar opposite the Circulation Desk. Additional fire extinguishers are located outside the library: in the northeast corner of the Great Hall; below the stairs outside the library between the first and second floors; next to the parking lot exit doors.

Emergency Exits

Are located next to the elevator on the Upper Level and next to the elevator and opposite classroom 161 on the Lower Level.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lights are integrated into the lighting system and automatically come on during a power failure. Any failure to operate should be reported to contact Tim Wickland x5241, Cathy Ekstrom x 3262, or Facilities Services x5472.

Sprinkler System

Armstrong Library has a dry pipe system that pre-activates (fills with water) when the fire alarm is triggered. Water only flows from the system if heat from a fire activates individual sprinkler heads.

Water Incursions

Reporting a leak, how to: If the water leak is severe and causing damage to library collections or equipment, follow the procedures in the emergency manual here-- http://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/Emergency_Manuals

When a water leak is noticed and it is minor and not causing damage to collections or equipment, report it to contact Tim Wickland x5241 or Cathy Ekstrom x 3262. If you don't reach Tim or Cathy, leave Tim a message about the leak and then contact Facilities Services directly at x5472. If FS is closed (evenings and weekends) call the Office of Public Safety and ask them to reach FS on-call personnel if deemed necessary. Describe the situation giving them all details as needed and realistically indicating the severity of the situation. If placing a basket under the leak until regular FS staff can come during normal working hours will suffice, please do so but inform PS so that they can have the night watch guard check on the leak.

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