Facilities Information; Davis Family Library

Water Leaks/incursions


When a water leak is noticed and it is minor and not causing damage to collections or equipment, report it to Joseph Watson x5487. If you don't reach Joseph, leave him a message about the leak and then contact Facilities Services directly at x5472. If FS is closed (evenings and weekends) call the Office of Public Safety and ask them to reach FS on-call personnel if deemed necessary. Describe the situation giving them all details as needed and realistically indicating the severity of the situation. If placing a basket under the leak until regular FS staff can come during normal working hours will suffice, please do so but inform PS so that they can have the night watch guard check on the leak.

If the water leak is severe and if collections or equipment are at risk, please notify FS or PS as above immediately, making it clear that the situation is dire and FS staff are needed to shut off the water or divert the flow ASAP. Then take actions as necessary to protect items from damage referring to the Emergency Manual section on Flooding and Water Damage for specific procedures.

STORM DRAIN, exterior, overflow

During very heavy rains the storm drains that are just outside of the emergency exits at the bottom of staircases number 1 and 4 have been known to overflow. Instead of water going down them, water was flowing up out of them like a geyser. This problem was severe enough to cause water to flow under the door at the bottom of staircase number 4 and flow into the lower level soaking the carpet and seeping under the electrical closets into the reception area carpet of Special Collections in the summer of 2008. This is a known issue. If we receive very heavy rains, it makes sense to check these areas to see if there is a problem and then report it as needed following the instructions in the "reporting a leak" section of this wiki.

FALLING ICE OR SNOW, from roof over doors

If dangerous snow or ice accumulates over a door, call Joseph x5487 and let him know about it. (Call your building coordinator if you're working at a branch library.) If you do not reach Joseph in person, call Facilities Services x5472 (or, if FS is closed call public safety x5911) and alert them to the situation. Make sure they understand that there is a health and safety issue that needs immediate attention. Until they arrive and take control of the situation, you should stand guard and direct people away from the hazard, recruiting other staff to help you with that task as needed.

These procedures would also be appropriate for any immediate safety hazard that you become aware of. It is very important that any and all of us react to a hazard and keep ourselves, coworkers, and the public, safe from harm. Don't assume somebody else will notice and deal with it, please be proactive and follow up until you're sure that somebody is working to resolve the situation and you're not needed.

There is a known issue with snow and ice falling from the roof over the front door. If the weather conditions are just right, the snow melts and compacts and then slides off under the snow guards and over the gutter. Another, but less common problem, is icicles forming in the scuppers over the back doors.

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