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Middlebury and MIIS Faculty and Staff member accounts will be created as a part of the HR employee boarding process. If the start date is more than 60 days away, the account will not yet be created. The manager of the new Faculty/Staff member should be contacted in regards to the status of their employee's boarding process.

Is a new faculty or staff member still unable to access their account?

Please contact the Help Desk to verify the account has been properly created and is setup correctly. You can find information on how to contact them by visiting go/helpdesk

Is a faculty or staff member who has recently left Middlebury or is on an Administrative leave having issues with their access?

In this case, the Faculty or Staff member will lose access to previously granted resources until they return.

Is a faculty or staff member, who was previously a student, needing help with their access?

The access will need to be updated to reflect the current staff or faculty member access.

For any additional questions regarding an employee's Middlebury Email/Network Account, you may contact the Human Resources Office.

Please refer to the HR "Contact Us" Site for more information:

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