Feature/Service/Application Requests

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  • A web app to export my Middlebury E-mail and file server files before I leave Midd!
    • Should work with PCs (PST files for Outlook)
    • Should work for Macs (mbox files for Entourage / Mac Mail)
    • Should dump my /middfiles files to a zip file
  • A way to run Outlook, Internet Explorer and recover files from a DFS server on a Mac.
    • Like remote desktop?
    • Easily.
    • Maybe not have to run the entire Windows operating system
  • Web-based collaboration tool where I can collaborate with colleagues from Middlebury and beyond.
    • Like Google Docs!?
    • It should be secure
    • It should be easy to upload/share large files
    • It should be easy to give access to my collaboration space to colleagues from other institutions
    • It should be easy to write articles/blogs, and allow commenting
  • Automated backup to middfiles.
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