Film Rental Workflow

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Film Rental workflow

Receive request from faculty, staff or student.

Respond and find out date of screening, venue (number of seats) and expected audience (campus only, public invited)

Research film on Internet Movie Database
  • Under company credits find the U.S. distributor
  • Then search distributor website to see if they have the title
  • And/or e-mail contact for licensing fee
  • Communicate the fee to the requestor. If they agree, ask for the Banner index to pay for the film rental.

If this is a student group, make sure they have financing and have been in contact with CCAL and Room scheduling.

Also, get the name of screener to book the film in Millennium. Who will be retrieving the film from Circulation? Individual or student screening assistant?


Most films are now being shipped from Technicolor via UPS. Others use FedEx and you have to provide the FedEx number.

Films on DCP arrive in the Storrs Avenue loading dock. Media Services picks them up and brings them to Dana and returns them to Room 133.

DVDs arrive in the Storrs Avenue loading dock. They are placed in travel cases and a brief bib and item record are created. The film is ‘booked’ in Millennium in the name of the screening assistant or the person responsible for picking up the film. Films are collected after the screening and shipped back to the company. Some companies, like Sony allow us to screen our own copies. Others, like Swank send screening copies of all films.

Promotional material

MCAB handles ordering and promotional materials of Free Friday films . LIS still handles the films themselves since Media Services is screening them in Dana Auditorium. Hirschfield Film Series, sponsored by the Film Media Department is always interested in obtaining posters for the films. At this point that department is acquiring them, though the bill comes to LIS through Technicolor. It is possible to order posters from them cool@technicolor.com. You will need the account number if you contact them.

Also, Film Media is interested in screening trailers as a preview for the Hirschfield series. This is still being worked out, but it is possible to get some trailers directly from distributors or Technicolor. All others are easily available in a digital format on IMDB or YouTube.

Frequently used distributors and contact information

Swank is the distributor for many studios such as Walt Disney, Lionsgate, Miramax 20th Century Fox, United Artists, Image, Touchstone, MGM, HBO, etc. start searching on their website, because chances are they have the rights to the film. Swank provides all the films for the MCAB Free Friday film series here at Middlebury. .
Rep. - Maura McKernan mmckernan@swankmp.com

IMDB will say whether a film is Sony’s. Mike Dicerto replies promptly. Invoices are paid by check - voucher must be signed and sent to Accounts Payable.
Rep.- Mike Dicerto, Email Mike_Dicerto@spe.sony.com


Criterion is the distributor of (among others) Rocky Horror Picture Show shown every Halloween here on campus.
Rep., Cary Haber, Email caryh@criterionpicusa.com

IFC films
Rep., Justin DiPietro, Email jdipietro@ifcfilms.com

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