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*Terry (or someone else in CM) will run a new comparison of lost/missing/damaged items in the 2 collections (Browsing/Teaching), as time permits.<br><br>
*Terry (or someone else in CM) will run a new comparison of lost/missing/damaged items in the 2 collections (Browsing/Teaching), as time permits.<br><br>

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 Preservation reformatting

  • Purchase requests to upgrade older formats will be funneled through the FMC or LIS acquisition stream, as appropriate (most of these will purchased through the FMC stream).
  • If the item is not available to purchase new, in a contemporary format (essentially, 1/2" VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray), then the item can be sent to Ethan Murphy in FMC for preservation reformatting.
  • It is important that a good-faith effort be made to purchase a new (not used) copy before sending items to Ethan for reformatting. Ethan will not be asked to verify whether or not an item is available for new purchase; he will simply follow through with the reformatting.
  • Ethan will create two (2) DVD copies and return the copies and the original back to FMC or LIS acquisitions (depending upon who sent it to him), to be then sent to cataloging for processing.
  • One preservation copy will be housed on the shelf with the original item and one will be housed in Special Collections for safekeeping.


  • We reaffirmed the replacement policy for media: LIS will bear the cost of replacing lost/missing and damaged items, even if originally purchased by FMC.
  • When purchasing a replacement for the purpose of upgrading an older or obsolete format, the original purchasing agency will bear the cost.
  • Replacements will be added to the same collection as the lost/damaged item was originally located (i.e. Teaching or Browsing) unless a liaison has specifically decided otherwise.
  • We will replace box sets as we do other items.
  • LIS does routinely replace items that are lost & paid (there was confusion in the meeting about this). If an item is lost and needed for a course, we replace as soon as we are notified of the situation. If an item is discovered to be missing, but is not needed for a course, etc., it is marked as such in the record and routinely replaced after approximately 3 months. DVD/media replacements are handled 1st in this 3 month cycle. (Again, if the item is needed before then, we replace ASAP.)


  • We confirmed that FMC purchases are searched against MIDCAT before ordering.
  • When we purchase a new edition of a DVD title already present in the Teaching collection, the existing (older) DVD may in many cases be transferred to Browsing. In such cases, cataloging (or anyone!) should notify Andy/FMC. If the older edition is in an older/obsolete format (not DVD - but VHS/LaserDisk/3-4" VHS), we should withdraw the older item and send to FMC to keep or dispose of as they see fit. The notification can be done in batches if preferable for Collection Management's workflow.
  • Francisca will give permissions to Michele, Sue, and Andy to view the order spreadsheet she maintains for FMC in an effort to minimize LIS purchases that duplicate FMC purchases on order.
  • LIS purchases that are on order but not yet received are visible in MIDCAT (with no item (i.e. call no., location, etc.) info. available in the record).

 Browsing vs. Teaching collections

  • Cataloging will investigate adding a local note to items acquired via FMC funds to ensure that these items are correctly flagged for the Teaching collection.
  • Items subsequently moved to Browsing from Teaching (e.g., due to the purchase of a newer edition) will retain the note relating to the provenance of the item.
  • LIS purchases generally default to the Browsing collection unless a) especially expensive or b) specifically requested for the Teaching collection by liaison/faculty.

 Streamlining the process to send received films to cataloging

  • Andy will continue to receive new acquisitions from FMC for review and then direct them to cataloging for processing. This does not seem to add any undue delay to the process and is a valuable step for Andy in his liaison role with FMC.

 TV series

  • LIS will purchase TV series for curricular use as requested by (non-FMC) faculty and approved by liaisons.
  • Acquisitions should work with Andy/FMC to coordinate TV series purchases whenever possible, e.g.: if we are asked to purchase a season other than season 1, we should 1) review the FMC spreadsheet to see if they've ordered that season already and 2) ask Andy/FMC whether or not they have plans to purchase the entire series, or the latest season of a series to extend a run, etc.
  • We will not deny curricular requests solely because of an item being a TV series.
  • LIS does not generally purchase TV series for the Browsing collection. This policy can be reviewed and revised by the collection development librarian if necessary.


  • We will purchase Blu-Ray discs if requested by faculty.
  • When we receive requests for Blu-Ray titles that we do not currently have in DVD format, we should confirm with the appropriate liaison/dept. their preference for Blu-Ray, and inform faculty that, at this time, there is limited support for screening Blu-Ray discs on campus, and no support outside of 2 rooms in Axinn. (This should become less of an issue over time as LIS upgrades video equipment across campus.)
  • When no format is specified, LIS will still default to widescreen DVD format.


  • Collection Management will run a new list of LaserDisks that have circulated recently, as time permits.
  • Terry (or someone else in CM) will run a new comparison of lost/missing/damaged items in the 2 collections (Browsing/Teaching), as time permits.

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