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Whether you already have a citation (author, title, date) to a book or you’re just starting to look for one, begin at Summon.

  1. Search Summon by keyword (topic), title or author. After you perform the search, just click on one of the Content Type options to limit the results to Music Recordings, Music Scores, Videorecordings, etc.
  2. If the music item (score, sound recording, or video) you want is "Available" in Summon:

a. In Summon, look at the orange text labeled "Availability" and note the call number. Music books and scores are located on the Davis Family Library Upper Level, and CDs are behind the Circulation Desk. Consult a wall map or print floor map guide to find the items in the Library.
b. Once you've located the item you can check it out at the circulation desk. For more information on borrowing items, see the Borrowing information on the LIS Wiki.

  1. If your music item is not available in Summon:

a. Try searching the Nexpress catalog to request it from another library (see the NExpress section of the LIS Wiki for details).
b. If the item is not available in NExpress, request it through traditional Interlibrary loan using the Illiad form (see the Interlibrary Loan section of the LIS Wiki for details). Note: Middlebury does not fill or place requests for ILL CDs.
c. If you would like to recommend a music item for purchase by the library, submit a purchase request.
d. If you are unable to obtain the music item through NExpress, you may wish to look for it at nearby libraries.

  1. If you’re in need of online music research resources, and you haven't been able to find them using Summon, you can try using the Music Subject Guide.
  2. Remember, you can always ask a librarian for assistance (go/askus when on campus). For a visual overview of resources on the Library home page, see the Quick-Start Guide to Library Research [pdf].
  3. Finding music CDs in foreign languages. Check out these videos for 2 easy ways to find music CDs in the language you're studying:

Foreign language CDs searching MIDCAT
Foreign language CDs searching Language Guides

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