Find Videos (DVDs, VHS Cassettes, Laser Discs)

Find films in a particular language

The libraries have many videos in languages other than English. In MIDCAT, click the Videos tab; then in "Browse videos by language," use the pull-down menu box to choose your language.

Midcat videos language.jpg

Also, a quick video search for the films in each of the languages has been added to the Subject Guides.

(Tips section (in blue box) --> List of videos)

Subjectguides tips videos.jpg

Find films of a particular genre

You can narrow your search of videos to genre (Comedy films, Horror films, Documentary films, Gay & Lesbian films, etc.) From the same MIDCAT Videos tab, choose Browse videos by genre:

Midcat videos genre.jpg

NOTE: “Browse videos by” searches will retrieve both browsing collection films (which can be checked out & taken outside the building for 3 days) and films limited to use within the building (Main DVD’s – Circ Desk).

To see only those films in the browsing collection:

Use a KEYWORD search and add the word "browsing" with the genre type or language

Midcat browsing comedy films.jpg