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== Finding Academic Computers  ==
Due to combined low usage and decreasing funds, LIS will be discontinuing two computer labs/classrooms. Please see the section [[#Discontinued_Academic_Computers|'''DISCONTINUED ACADEMIC COMPUTERS''']]'''.'''<br><br>Click on the '''name of a classroom or lab '''to find an available computer (the color of each computer indicates its status: Grey = Available; Blue = In-Use; Red = Powered off). <br>
*The '''calendar icon '''( '''[[Image:Calendar.png|Class Schedule for AXN105]] '''), if available, lets you check the class schedule for that classroom.<br>
*The '''globe icon '''( [[Image:Globe.png]] ), if available, lets you locate the lab on Google Maps. You can also peruse the College's own interactive [http://go.middlebury.edu/map?google campus map].
General [[#Hours_of_Operation|Hours of Operation are]] listed in the [[#Hours_of_Operation|next section]]. A list of all the software for each lab is here: [http://go.middlebury.edu/software go/software] (pdf).
=== Hours of operation  ===
*The schedule of our Libraries can be found here: [http://go.middlebury.edu/lib?hours go/lib?hours].
*The computer lab in Sunderland 121 is open 24 hours.
*In general, other buildings are open '''7am - midnight '''.
=== Discontinued Academic Computers  ===
Due to combined low usage and decreasing funds, LIS will be '''discontinuing '''two computer labs/classrooms:<br>'''- Sunderland ILC1<br>- Sunderland ILC2<br>'''<br>Note that '''ILC1 and ILC2 will become standard SMART classrooms''', with multimedia projection and a podium/lectern computer, but there will be no computers for the students. The spaces have sufficient wired and wireless networking, as well as power outlets, if students need to bring their own computers.<br><br>With the renovation of Sunderland 202, we'd like to encourage our community to make use of that classroom instead of ILC1. Room 202 is more spacious and better furnished. We are also in the process of upgrading the computers in that space.<br><br>In Spring '09, a new Mac classroom/lab was unveiled - Axinn 105. This space has top of the line Mac computers with the latest video editing software, in addition to the standard Mac OS X applications. ILC2 has been severely underused for a number of years, and we think that the community would be best served by using the new space, Axinn 105, instead.
=== Wireless Hot Spots  ===
[https://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wikis/LIS/images/8/84/Wirelessmap200909.jpg [[Image:Wirelessmap200909thumb.jpg]]]

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