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[[Media:Fire-i_Digital_Camera.pdf|Fire-i Instruction Manual]]
[[Media:Fire-i_Digital_Camera.pdf|Fire-i Instruction Manual]]
==External Links==
== External Links ==
[[FMMC Equipment]]

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Fire-i Web Camera


Fire-i Digital Camera is the best FireWire Color Digital Camera available for home/office applications. Its superior VGA picture quality and lightweight housing clearly distinguishes it from other FireWire or USB cameras.

Fire-i Digital Camera ships in a unique retail package that includes support and software for PC, Mac and Linux users. Several cameras can be daisy-chained and viewed simultaneously on a PC, via Unibrain’s Fire-i Software and the camera’s two FireWire ports. Fire-i Software allows the user to monitor one or multiple cameras locally or remote (Internet). At the touch of a single button, the user can store snapshots or live video-stream, change and adjust all camera settings for each and every camera connected

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Fire-i Instruction Manual

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FMMC Equipment

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