Flash Drives

My Flash Drive Doesn't Appear

Problem: The USB Flash Drive (also known as pendrive, thumbdrive, usb stick) does not appear in the list of drives.

Cause: Most likely, a mapped network drive is conflicting with the USB Flash Drive. (Technically speaking, a script automatically connects to network servers, mapping them to certain drive letters, in most cases the drive-letter "F:\", that the USB Flash Drive sees as "taken" and thus cannot use them)

Solution: From the Desktop (or the Start menu) open the item with the name "My Computer" (in public labs, this icon appears with the title "your-username on name-of-computer".

From the list of drives, right-click the (F:) drive and select Disconnect. Your USB Flash Drive shoud appear in the list after a 5-second delay. If this didn't work, try disconnecting the other drive letters, try another computer or contact the Helpdesk.

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