GOBI for Acquisitions staff

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Placing orders on GOBI

Search title on Midcat

Search title or isbn on GOBI

When found: mark item (highlight left side) and PUT IN CART—choose EXPORT CART (If you mark title and then click on EXPORT it does not move to the cart. You have to use an action command.) You will see a locked suitcase icon.

Click EXPORT CART—you will see red light attached to title record


Choose your template

Change selector name to match appropriate liaison (leave your own initials in box) Add internal notes with faculty requestor name, hold, etc. This info transfers to the requestor field on our order form.

SAVE at bottom

You will see green light and crayon visible (which means edit mode)

The next step is to SUBMIT ALL GREEN LIGHTS and this will put them in the Export Queue, which you can see by clicking the REPORTS tab (at top) and then EXPORT LOG.

If you are ordering multiple titles for same requestor—add them all to the EXPORT CART and then mark them all and do one template for all.

Once you have queued the export file a red export acknowledgment note appears at the top of each record. At this point you can remove all these titles from the EXPORT CART.

To search for items selected by all Library Liaisons:

  • Log into GOBI
  • Under the Search tab, click on Selections
  • Choose a date or date range
  • Specify the fund code (discr) OR Highlight all of the selectors’ initials In the left hand menu, click GO
  • Search all selections on MIDCAT to make sure we don’t already own them and to see if we own any previous editions.
  • Make sure the Gobi order status is In Stock or Orders Accepted
  • Then proceed with the above instructions for putting in the EXPORT CART, adding ORDER DETAILS, SUBMITTING ALL GREEN LIGHTS, and removing the titles from the EXPORT CART after receiving the export acknowledgement.

Importing the brief records into Midcat

In Millennium: Import Invoices: Data Exchange Get FTS Login to ftp.ybp.com User name: Middlebury Password: V1a#6f Transfer type: binary (not ascii for ybp) Double click the export box on right side Single click on your export queue (by date and time) Click GET Once it works, click disconnect first, then close.

Highlight correct file on midcat and click PREP Start, then close Highlight correct file, now with lmarc suffix; click on LOAD B for correct load table Load, then close Check send file to double check

Sending the order records back to Yankee

  • Go to Send File
  •  Pull down Purchase Orders to FTP
  • Highlight/check the YBP orders that were just brought in
  • Click FTP, choose FTP Selected, and click on FTP
  • Choose ftp.ybp.com under Host and click Connect
  • Enter username middlebury, password V1a#6f, click OK
  • Double-click the Dropoff subdirectory
  • Click Put
  • When complete, should say 1 File Transferred – Completed
  • Click Disconnect, then Close
  • Delete Files? No. (will be deleted after orders are confirmed)
  • Jot down date and number of files transferred on notepad
  • Next day or so, spot check on Gobi that the books were ordered, then delete from Send File

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