General Borrowing Information

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General Borrowing Information

  • College Handbook - Library Borrowing Policy
  • Share library resources responsibly; consider other borrowers by returning materials by their due date and time
  • Borrowing is a privilege
  • Abuse of borrowing privileges and a disregard for returning library materials by their due date/time will result in loss of borrowing privileges
  • Overdue materials will block borrowing and requesting
  • Keeping Reserve, Equipment, ILL, and Recalled materials past their due dates may result in a permanent loss of borrowing privileges
  • Severely overdue materials will result in a College bill

Loan Periods

Loan periods are based on demand and inventory of type of material; default loan periods are set as long as possible, while ensuring access for borrowers to shared collections


  • Books, Music Scores, Gov Docs: 28 days
  • Music CDs: 14 days
  • Browsing media: 3 days (limit of 3 items)
  • Media and equipment: 4 hours - 7 days, depending on item

Faculty and Retired Faculty

  • Books, Music CDs and scores, Gov Docs: 168 days (6 months)
  • Browsing media: 14 days
  • Media and equipment: 4 hours - 14 days, depending on item

Staff, Retired Staff, and Faculty Spouse/Partner

  • Books, Music Scores, Gov Docs: 28 days
  • Music CDs: 14 days
  • Browsing media: 3 days (limit of 3 items)
  • Media and equipment: 4 hours - 7 days, depending on item


  • Books, Music Scores, Gov Docs: 28 days
  • Music CDs: 14 days
  • Other media: 4 hours, library use only
  • Equipment and laptops: Not Available

Guest borrowers

  • Books, Music Scores, Gov Docs: 28 days
  • Music CDs: 14 days
  • Other media and equipment: Not Available


  • Borrower account expiration date will override all loan periods shown above
  • Summer borrowers are not included in the college licensing agreement and therefore cannot borrow licensed software
  • Media needed for scheduled and supported film screenings may not be available for individual viewing prior to the screening, on the day of the event


  • Reserves materials have either a 2-hour, 4-hour, 1-, 3-, or 7-day loan period. Priority is given to students and faculty
  • Hourly reserves may not leave the library
  • Reserves are available to guest borrowers by exception only

Interlibrary Loan

  • Available to students, faculty, and staff & spouse/partners
  • Loan period is determined by the lending library; limited/no renewals possible; contact ILL

Access to Library databases

  • Current faculty, staff, and students, as well as faculty emerita can login to library databases remotely from off-campus using their current username and password. See instructions.
  • Alumni, guest borrowers, and retired staff can only access library databases from a computer inside the library.

Midd ID needed to check out books

  • Using your Middlebury ID or guest borrower library card is the only way to guarantee that we are accessing the correct record. The ID is the best way to do that. Also, this ensures that errors are not made while typing in names or ID numbers.

Number of items that can be checked out

  • If you are a student, faculty, or staff, the limit is set high to facilitate borrowing
  • There is a limit of 3 reserve and media items at one time
  • If you are a guest borrower or alumni, there is a 25 item limit
  • VCAL guest borrowers have a limit of 10 items

Renewal Periods

  • Most non-media materials allow for nine renewals, each of the same length as the original loan period
  • Renewals are not allowed on any material with an hourly loan period (as opposed to daily)
  • Most equipment can be renewed one time
  • DVDs may be renewed once 
  • ILL - renewals allowed - contact ILL staff or login toIlliad to request a renewal
  • Contact Circulation staff to request longer loans or more renewals on library materials needed for your research
  • Remember to renew before things go overdue via My MIDCAT
  • All materials are subject to recall

Overdue materials

  • There are no overdue fines, but keeping library materials past their stated due dates will result in loss of borrowing and requesting privileges
  • The Borrowing system will automatically block borrowing and requesting privileges if library materials are kept beyond stated due dates; once the items are returned, the block is automatically cleared
  • For students; Reserves, equipment, and ILL materials kept beyond their due dates/times will accrue penalty points, which can lead to your account being blocked beyond the time you return the item. See go/penaltypoints for more information.
  • Reserve, media equipment, ILL, hold and recalled materials are in high demand by our user community. Library staff may impose a manual block on your account if these items are kept past their due date.
  • Manual blocks will be added to borrower accounts for overdue materials at the discretion of Circulation staff on the basis of repeated abuse of borrowing privileges
  • Manual blocks can only be cleared by speaking directly with a supervisor
  • Repeated abuse of borrowing privileges may result in permanent loss of borrowing privileges; and could result in referral for College judicial procedure.

Returning library materials when library is closed

  • Most library materials may be returned by using one of our library book drops
  • Please return all oversize, reserve, media, and equipment loans directly to the Circulation Desk of the branch library from which it was borrowed

Davis Family Library Front Book Drop

  • In the wall on your left as you enter the first set of doors
  • Open all hours
  • Need Middlebury College access card to enter when the Davis Family Library is closed

Davis Family Library Back Book Drop

  • On your right as you face the back side of the library. Easy drive up access. Open all hours
  • For large returns during open hours, please feel free to call the Davis Family Library Circulation Desk at x5494 for assistance at the back entrance

Armstrong Library Book Drop

  • Open all hours
  • Located to the left of the Library entrance doors (in the Great Hall)

Lost or Damaged Library Materials

  • Borrowers are responsible for replacement cost and/or repair cost of any library materials borrowed on their library accounts
  • The Libraries will not allow patrons to replace their lost items  
  • Borrowers are responsible for payment of charges assessed for damaged, lost or stolen materials
  • The Libraries make every effort to maintain the collections and it is the responsibility of the borrower to alert Circulation Services to any existing damage or problems with library materials at the time of discovery
  • Default system replacement values are determined by the type of item - book, media, equipment, etc. - and are based on the estimated cost of replacing the item, staff processing time, and on publisher and manufacturer availability of models/editions
  • Repair charges are determined on a case by case basis after careful evaluation by Library staff. The Libraries reserve the right to make the final decision regarding the repair or replacement of a damaged item. The Libraries reserve the right to retain damaged materials. Payment of replacement or repair charges does not constitute purchase of the library-owned material.
  • Replacement charges (bills) are incurred when materials are not returned in a timely manner, based on loan periods. Charges remain on borrower accounts until resolved.
  • Unresolved, outstanding charges are removed from the borrower's library account and are transferred to the College bill.
  • Once an item has been paid for or transferred to the College bill, it is the responsibility of the borrower to contact the Circulation Services Manager to request a refund, if the lost material is found/returned
  • A non-refundable $25 billing fee will be deducted from any credit issued on items returned after being moved to the college bill.
  • Replacement charges may block library borrowing privileges
  • The immediate return of billed items (if still on the library account) will clear the replacement charge
  • It is the responsibility of the borrower, when returning a billed item, to speak with staff at the Circulation Desk to verify that charges have been cleared from the library account
  • Library accounts may be cleared at any time by paying the replacement charge at the Davis Family Library Circulation Desk. We encourage the use of credit card payments. Please save your receipt!
  • A refund may be requested by contacting Library Circulation. The payment receipt is required. Refunds cannot be guaranteed if the item has been lost or missing for more than a year. The payment must be verified before issuing a refund. A receipt is not required for items that have been transferred to the college bill
  • Please direct inquiries about billing and replacement procedures to the Circulation Services Manager at library_circulation@middlebury.edu

Replacement Charges

  • Default values are determined by type of item. Individual items may have a higher replacement cost
  • Default replacement values include a processing fee of $20
  • Guest borrowers are liable for replacement costs, and risk permanently losing borrowing privileges if materials are lost, long overdue or damaged

Books, Music scores, Gov Docs


Media Collection - DVD, VHS


Browsing Collection books



$25-$2000, depending on the item

Responsible Library Use Policy

Library Borrowing Guidelines

Middlebury College maintains its Libraries for the use of students, faculty, and staff in support of the instructional goals of the College.

The library purchases or subscribes to materials in printed, microform, digital, manuscript, and recorded formats, principally in support of the teaching program of the College. Materials solely for faculty research are usually not acquired for the library collections. It may be necessary, therefore, to supplement local resources through interlibrary loan, consortial borrowing, and the use of research libraries.

A valid Middlebury College ID is required to transact library business. Library privileges are extended to faculty, students, alumni and staff of the Middlebury College community, and to guest borrowers by application.

Media collection materials needed for course work are available at the Circulation Desk; restrictions exist on access to this collection. DVDs in the "browsing collection" may be checked out by Middlebury students, staff, and faculty for non-public viewing in the privacy of rooms or homes. See the Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines section of the College Handbook for additional information.

Overdue library materials and charges will restrict borrowing privileges. All borrowers are responsible for payment of charges assessed for damaged or lost materials.

Middlebury College Libraries are committed to maintaining collections that exist as common resources to be shared, preserved and respected in a manner guaranteeing protection for future users. The ethical use of library materials involves acceptance of this principle and appropriate conduct regarding library collections.

Borrowing library materials constitutes agreement of responsibility to:

  • Return by due date/time
  • Return in same condition
  • Replace if lost, stolen, or damaged
  • Share resources responsibly

Inappropriate use includes, but is not limited to:

  • Writing upon, defacing, tearing, cutting, mutilating or destroying books or other library property in the custody of the Library. Willful concealment of a book or other library property on one's person or among one's belongings while attempting to leave, or leaving the premises of the Library without formal borrowing through the Circulation Desk. The willful concealment of a book or other Library property within the Library. The willful removal of a book or other Library property in contravention to Library regulations. The intentional alteration or destruction of library ownership records. The willful retention of library materials beyond their stated loan periods.
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