General requests

Mailing packages to college

Some companies (ahem, Dell) refuse to ship packages to a P.O. box. In cases like that, packages can be shipped to:

  • First and Last Name
  • McCullough Mail Center
  • Middlebury College
  • 14 Old Chapel Road
  • Middlebury, VT 05753

Paying tuition online

Parents call asking how to get their student's PIN for paying tuition. They most likely don't need it: have them look closely at the section which asks for the student's PIN. It should specify that it actually wants the student's MM/DD of birth.

Computer purchases

Parents call us asking what model laptop they should buy for their incoming freshmen. Recommended models at go.middlebury.edu/lis -> Help & Support -> Computer Purchase & Repair -> Student Computer Purchase.

Both the Dell and the Mac purchase pages have information on how and where to purchase to get those student discounts.

Borrowing and checking out equipment

  • Computers: Circulation (x5494) handles checking out of computers. Only faculty and staff can check out computers out of the library. The loan period is normally two weeks, but this can be negotiated when a faculty member needs a computer for longer.
  • Online there is a list of the fac/staff loaner laptops available at the circ desk. Go to go/midcat and searching by keywords "faculty laptop". Click on the PC or Mac Laptop items that appear to see the status of each loaner laptop.

Smart classrooms

  • Go to go/media for guides to each classroom.
  • Go to go/mls for schedules of when each room is reserved or open.

Media help

Schedule for the Digital Media Tutors in the Wilson Media Development Lab

Software installed on public computers

Table of software available (See also go/media)

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