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[[Specific Formats|&lt;&lt; Back to Specific Formats]]<br>[[Cataloging|&lt;&lt; Back to Cataloging]]  
[[Specific Formats|&lt;&lt; Back to Specific Formats]]<br>[[Cataloging|&lt;&lt; Back to Cataloging]]  
<span id="mainContent" style="display: inline;">''' ''' ''(rev. 01/11)'' </span><br>  
<span style="display: inline;" id="mainContent">''' ''' ''(rev. 01/11)'' </span><br>  
==== General Instructions<br>  ====
==== General Instructions<br>  ====
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<br>'''See also:'''<br>  
===== <br>See also<br> =====
*[http://www.hahnlibrary.net/libraries/formgenre.html Genre Headings] (Joel Hahn)
*[http://www.hahnlibrary.net/libraries/formgenre.html Genre Headings] (Joel Hahn)  
*[http://systems.lib.clemson.edu/wiki/index.php/Genre_and_Form_Headings_for_Film Genre and Form Headings for Film] (Scott M. Dutkiewicz, Clemson)<br>
*[http://systems.lib.clemson.edu/wiki/index.php/Genre_and_Form_Headings_for_Film Genre and Form Headings for Film] (Scott M. Dutkiewicz, Clemson)<br>

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(rev. 01/11)

General Instructions

  • Add 650 with appropriate subject headings and the form subdivision Drama.
  • 650 0 $a World War, 1939-1945 $v Drama.
  • 650 0 $a Prisoners of war $v Drama.
  • Add one of these 655 genre fields as appropriate:
  • Fiction films
  • Nonfiction films
  • Fiction television programs
  • Nonfiction television programs
  • For motion picture videos, add one of these 655 headings:
  • Feature films (40 min. or more)
  • Short films (less than 40 min.)
  • Add other genre heading as appropriate, such as:
  • Adventure films.
  • Horror films
  • Video recordings for the hearing impaired.
  • Video recordings for people with visual disabilities
  • For locally established headings, use 655 with 2nd indicator 7 and$2 local
  • 655 7 $a Lectures $v Video recordings. $2 local
  • 655 7 $a French language films. $2 local
  • 655 7 $a Browsing DVD collection. $2 local

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Some Appropriate LC Genre Headings


Batman films
Bowery Boys films
Frankenstein films
Godzilla films
James Bond films
Our Gang films
Sherlock Holmes films
Star Trek films
Star Wars films
Superman films
Tarzan films


Animated films
Clay animation films
Puppet films


Video recordings for the hearing impaired
Video recordings for people with visual disabilities

General Genre

Adventure films
Amateur films
Animal films {fiction/feature films}
Baseball films
Basketball films
Bible films
Biographical films
Caper films
Caper television programs
Children's films
College life films
Comedy films
Detective & mystery films
Disaster films
Documentary films
Documentary television programs
Environmental films
Epic films
Erotic films
Experimental films
Exploitation films
Fantasy films
Fantasy television programs
Feature films {over 40 min.}
Fiction films
Fiction television programs
Film noir
Football films
Foreign films
Gangster films
Gangster television programs
Historical films
Horror films
Musical films
Nature films
New wave films
Nonfiction films
Nonfiction television programs
Police films
Prison films
Religious films
Road films
Rock films
Romance films
Romance television programs
Samurai films
Science films
Science fiction films
Short films {40 min. or less}
Silent films
Sports films
Spy films
Street films
Survival films
Survival television programs
Superhero films
Television programs
Vampire films
War films
Werewolf films
Western films
Wildlife films {nonfiction/documentaries}
Young adult films

Filmed [topic]

Filmed ballets
Filmed books USE Film adaptations
Filmed dance
Filmed interviews
Filmed lectures
Filmed literary readings
Filmed musicals
Filmed operas
Filmed operettas
Filmed panel discussions
Filmed performances
Filmed plays
Filmed speeches
Filmed sports events
Filmed stand-up comedy routines

Televised [topic]

Televised ballets
Televised dance
Televised debates USE Television debates
Televised lectures USE Television debates
Televised literary readings
Televised musicals
Televised operas
Televised performances
Televised plays
Televised speeches
Televised sports events
Televised stand-up comedy routines

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