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Getting reports and statistics from labstats about the usage of our public computer labs, classrooms and auditoriums:
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*Some public reports are available for usage history [http://labserver.middlebury.edu:8080/public/usage_history.jsp http://labserver.middlebury.edu:8080/public/usage_history.jsp] and login history [http://labserver.middlebury.edu:8080/public/login_history.jsp http://labserver.middlebury.edu:8080/public/login_history.jsp] 
*A general ("right now") overview is here: [http://labserver.middlebury.edu:8080/public/current_stats.jsp http://labserver.middlebury.edu:8080/public/current_stats.jsp]
*Weekly reports are here: [http://labserver.middlebury.edu:8080/custom/ http://labserver.middlebury.edu:8080/custom/]
*The root folder of the web server is on the labserver server in C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\hosts\labstats-svr\ROOT. We tend to put custom reports in the folder named "custom".

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