Gift processing

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Rcv gifts from alumni, alumni authors, foundations, faculty members, etc etc.
Procedure for small gifts:
When unpacked:

  • Hardcover: we will not keep books published prior to 1995
  • Paperback: we will not keep books published prior to 2005
  • Joseph/Ginny examine for quality: we do not keep if they would need extra P&P work
  • For small donations student searches NEXPRESS. We do not keep earlier editions.
  • Rebekah reviews if we do not already own: moves to booksale truck or leaves on shelf to be cataloged.

For larger donations: liaisons participate in the review

  • they usually ask us to only add what is not duplicated in NEXPRESS
  • Currently our student searches but we can just give these books to Cataloging; they can booksale the dupes and add the ones we do not own; no need for duplicate searching
  • All added gifts are given a 541 field (setup as a macro) which states donor name and fiscal year. This is for statistical record keeping.
  • Will also start to add the 541 field for anonymous donations that are kept .


  • Will start to add the 541 field for dvd donations.
  • If we own the dvd at Media Circ we add donation to main DVD Collection.
  • If we own the dvd at both Media Circ and DVD Collection we keep the donated duplicate in room 133 in the Replacement DVD cabinet: for when owned videos get lost or damaged.

Electronic bookplating is on the wish list. Cost? Webteam? Writing code? Advancment? How many others would be involved with that project?Terry will consider adding it to the project directory.

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