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Gitolite is the system that hosts the central Git code repositories for the Web Application development group. This page documents how to work with the system.

Clone a repository

git clone git@git.middlebury.edu:repository_name.git

If you get a password prompt like

git@git.middlebury.edu's password:

it means that there was an error authenticating your SSH keys. You should not be prompted for a password for git@git.middlebury.edu.

Gitolite Administration

Granting access to a new machine

On the remote machine:

1. Create an SSH key if one doesn't exist:


2. Copy the ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub contents (being sure to elimiate any new-lines).

On a gitolite admin's machine:

3. Check-out the Gitolite configuration:

git clone git@git.middlebury.edu:gitolite-admin.git
cd gitolite-admin/

4. Put the contents of the public key into a file in the keydir/ subdirectory:

vim keydir/account/machine/account.pub

where "account" is the person's AD username.

5. Add the username to the conf/gitolite.conf file in either a readonly or writable group.

vim conf/gitolite.conf

6. Commit the config changes and push them back to Gitolite:

git add .
git commit -m "Added key for username's machinename."
git push