Google Analytics

What is it/how does it work


  • Visits & Pageviews
    • Definitions
  • Uniques (visits/pageviews/visitors)
    • Definitions
  • Sources & referrers
    • Definitions
  • Bounce rate
    • Definitions
  • Keywords & search terms
    • Definitions
  • Goals & funnels (probably not appropriate for basics?)

Getting an automatic report set up

  • Who to ask, how often can I get a report, etc.


Login for Google Analytics

  • Dashboard description and overview; options to customize
  • Example report (embed image here)

Examples of uses

Q. What’s the most-clicked link on the LIS homepage? The least-clicked link?
Goal: determine whether or not our links are being located and used as expected

A. Enter answer here

Q. What could GA tell me about my LIS Wiki documentation page about WordPress MU, especially relating to the videos I have embedded there?
Goal: determine if people are watching the videos, see how long people are staying on the page, where they’re clicking and whether or not we could reorganize it.

A. Enter answer here

Q. On the library site, are people clicking on the Quick links to drop-down menus? Do they do this with any greater frequency than how often they click on navigation links or breadcrumb links?
Goal: Are the Quick links to menus working as intended or could we find a better use for the space?

A. Enter answer here

Q. On the library site, how often are page visitors using the Quick search search box for the various resource types listed there (MICAT, Articles, Journals, Reserves, Videos)?
Goal: determine if the resources listed there are appropriate, if we should make the tabs on the search box larger or change it in other ways to make sure it is being noticed, etc.

A. Enter answer here


Q. Can I schedule a training workshop? How can I get help with this, etc.?

A. Enter answers here

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