Gov Docs Locked Shelving

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The Gov Docs locked shelving holds valuable items up to 1920. These items are not to be removed from the library, except for some exceptions made for ILL with the permission of Hans Raum or Brenda Ellis. If a patron wants to look at anything in the locked shelving, which includes Oversize items in the Gov Docs map case, they have to contact Hans or Brenda, who will then retrieve the item and give it to the user after taking their ID card. The ID will be returned when the book is returned. Items can only be used when Hans or Brenda is here. If a patron wants to copy something from a locked shelving item, they need to ask Hans or Brenda to do the copying for them since many items are so fragile.
There are currently 3 keys, which are held by Hans Raum (Gov Docs Librarian), Ginny Faust (Gov Docs Associate), and Rachel Manning (ILL Coordinator). No one else should have access to these keys. Rachel is to use hers only when she needs to copy something for ILL; she may not check books out without consulting Hans or Brenda. No one but Hans or Brenda may use the keys to retrieve books from the locked shelving.

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