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The U. S. government is the largest publisher in the world. The GPO (government printing office) prints information for all the various departments- agriculture, education, the census, etc., and prints congressional hearings and reports, presidential papers, the annual budget, the Federal Register and Congressional Record, and so on. It's selections are very strong in social sciences and sciences, especially economics, environment and statistics. There is a GPO building in Washington, DC that does much of the designing, printing, and distributing of materials. The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) disseminates U.S. Government information to the American public through libraries across the nation. This information is available to anyone who wants to see it. Everything in our Gov Docs collection is owned by the government, not the college.

General information about the FDLP and detailed Collection Management procedures can be found here: http://www.fdlp.gov/

Item Selection

    As one of seven federal depository libraries in Vermont we select about 20% of the item numbers for material available for selection.  The publications of some federal agencies that operate on a cost-recovery basis, such as the National Technical Information Service, are not available for free distribution through the Federal Depository Library Program.  An online list of all active item numbers can be found at [1].  A list of the item numbers we currently select can be viewed by going to [2] and typing our depository library number, which is 0627. 
   Some item numbers are for a single publication, while other item numbers are for groups of publications by a specific agency.  Different formats (print, online, DVD, microfiche) of a given title will have different item numbers, so we can choose which formats we prefer to receive. 
    Our Government Documents Collection Development Policy statement is a basic guide to selecting item numbers and it is available online at 

[3]. The development of this policy statement was guided by input from several sources:

    Suggested Core Collection by Library Type, from the Federal Depository Library Handbook, at 


    Items that are designated as being an ESSENTIAL TITLE in the List of Classes
    Circulation statistics for government documents that circulate:


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