Guest Access to College Equipment

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Middlebury College student, faculty, and staff access to Library workstations is given precedence over all other use. Non-College community members and researchers may use library computer workstations for research needs and online information access only. A special guest login for these users is required; the password to this account changes daily, and can be obtained in person at a Middlebury College library Information Desk, Reference Desk, or Technology Helpdesk. Visitors to the Athletic facilities and the Center for the Arts may obtain the guest password from staff at the information desks in those facilities. You must obtain the password in person at one of these locations. Passwords will not be given via telephone or email.

Non-College community members may be asked at any time to relinquish the workstation to Middlebury College students, who are encouraged to approach any LIS staff member if they need access to a computer, or to raise concerns about the appropriateness of computer use. All use of these workstations by non-College community members is governed by the same policies that govern the College community. Those using the workstations should be prepared to present proper identification, if asked. Those who abuse this privilege or violate the College's Responsible Use Policy will be asked to leave, and will no longer be permitted to use College library facilities. Family members of faculty and staff are welcome to use the computing facilities, as outlined above. Parents are urged to supervise children and remind them that those around them may be studying or working on projects that require concentration. Unsupervised children creating disruption will be asked to leave.

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