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Information to include in ticket

  • Identifying information.
    • For client, do we have a phone number? Ask if they will be checking their e-mail. Make sure we have a failsafe way (or two) of communicating with them.
    • For computer - MIDD number, service tag if present. (On a Mac: go to System Preferences -> About This Mac.)
  • Status updates. Where is the computer? Did we check it in? Does the customer have it? If it's a lab computer, where is it located? Again - identifying information.

Keep in mind

  • Can the customer reach their e-mail? If there's any chance that they can't, follow-ups or responses by journal e-mails probably isn't the best way to contact them.


  • Are we really planning on updating HEAT to the next version? --Hunt, Christopher 18:29, 10 July 2008 (EDT)