HEAT Changes

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Helpdesk Staff Requests

  1. An option to select that would alert person checking it when resolution is found (Watch Ticket).
  2. Need option for Cause field called "User Error".   (or does "How To" cover that well enough? -- nb)
  3. Need option for Category: Account Management, Call Type:  Virus/Malware/SPAM (currently just SPAM) - ljk
  4. Need option for Cause field called Virus/Malware/SPAM (currently just Virus/Malware) - ljk

Helpdesk Student Consultant Requests

Requests from Sources Outside the Helpdesk

  1. Ticket #290998 Is it possible when you send back emails about our "tickets" to add words in the subject line about the issue that is being addressed? For the person requesting your help, we do not think of it in terms of ticket #s but rather the issue we contacted you about. If there is a way for you to do so, it'd be a huge help-- especially with high volume of email and the fact that we may have multiple tickets going at one time.   (We could do this with a text field that we could type a short subject line into and it could be preceeded or followed by the ticket number in the subject line of any emails going out - it should not be a regurgitation of the category and call type)