HP DesignJet Z2100

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Printing via a print server not possible on Macs

The HP DesignJet Z2100 in CFA340 is setup on the print server beech and windows PCs can print via the queue on the print server (contact the helpdesk to obtain the name of the print server). The driver (PCL?) is installed automatically. Mac computers do not seem to be able to print via the print server, as the driver installer from HP (even the latest one) doesn't install a PPD driver. According to HPs manual, printing is only possible via TCP/IP (direct IP) and Bonjour. Mac drivers are available at smb://middfiles.middlebury.edu/middfiles/Software/Software-Macintosh/PrintingUtilities/HP - the Mac driver installer should discover the printer and give you an option to connect to it. If this isn't working, Mac users should contact the helpdesk to obtain the IP address of the printer. (Note: The PC drivers are installed automatically when connecting to the print server.)

Printing in landscape mode to save paper

The printer is 24 inches wide, so it is wise take advantage of that. E.g. if printing a paper that's 24x18, don't put the 18 end as the width, specify it as length... The 18 (long) by 24 (wide) setting needs to be specified in File => print => print setup (or paper setup), then under paper size, choose "Manage Custom Sizes". In the window that appears, enter correctly the paper size (the box for the width and length are clearly labeled and separated).

Printing from the manual feed and grayscale printing

The printer supports printing to single sheets (as opposed to the roll). The single sheets are inserted from the back. The manual near the printer gives details on how to insert the paper correctly. To print to the inserted sheet, you need to specifically select the manual feed before printing.

In Mac OS X:

  1. (In the application that you're printing from) Choose File => Print
  2. Then click on the third drop-down menu (usually set to "Copies and Pages").
  3. Choose "Paper/Quality". This screen (Paper/Quality) will has checkboxes to select the manual feed. You can also choose grayscale instead of color printing (unfortunately the printer does not seem to listen to the color settings coming from the software).

More info is available in the Media:HP_DeskJet_Z2100_Photo_24in-Guide.pdf.

Power saving feature turns off printer

The power saving feature of this printer puts the printer in such a sleep mode, that only interacting with the front panel will wake it up (sending a print job will not wake it up). I will try to followup with HP to see if this is an intended feature, or a limitation of the firmware/driver. For now we are assuming it's a feature that HP put in place for a specific reason, and we will abide to it. Update: I just finished talking to HP (the forums and the full manual were not helpful). Apparently they designed it so that it MUST go to sleep when it's inactive. There's no option to disable sleep. We should periodically check the firmware page for updates in case HP decides to change the power saving features.

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