HP LaserJet 4100 - Series vs MFP

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Macintosh users wanting to print to an HP4100 Laserjet printer should make a note of the following:

When adding such a printer to your list of printers on your Mac, you will be presented with two choices: HP4100 Series and HP4100 MFP.

"HP4100 Series" refers to the family of HP4100 Laserjet printers and it includes both network capable and non-network capable printers. It does NOT include HP4100 multi-purpose printers (print, scan, fax)

"HP4100 MFP" refers to the multi-purpose HP4100 LaserJet printers that can be used as fax, scanner and printer.

It is important to select the correct driver when installing such a printer, especially if you want to take advantage of the advanced features of the printer.
On-campus, 99% of the time you should choose the "HP4100 Series" model.

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