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*Shows on page as: [[#top|Back to top]]
*Shows on page as: [[#top|Back to top]]
==== Linking to another element within same page<br>  ====
==== Linking internally to another element within same page<br>  ====
*Use this code for anchor (you want to link TO this section):<br>
*Anchor: Decide on an anchor name. Then use this code for anchor (you want to link TO this section):<br>
<pre>&lt;span id="anchorname"&gt;TEXT&lt;/span&gt;
<pre>&lt;span id="anchorname"&gt;TEXT&lt;/span&gt;

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See also

Basic Cheatsheet


Use headers for every separate topic of an article! They help organize articles in two ways:

  • They visually separate information on the page, making it easier to sort through.
  • The headers you use in a page are reflected in an automatically generated "Table of Contents" at the top of each page. This is very handy!
== Big Header ==
=== Medium Header ===
==== Small Header ====
  • Start a line with an asterisk (*) to create a bullet. Two asterisks (**) creates an indented bullet.
  1. Use a pound (#) to create numbering. Two pounds (##) creates an indented numbering sequence.
    • A # and then a * (#*) creates a bulleted, indented subsection of a numbered list.

Use a : to indent the beginning of a line:

Indented by one :
Indented by two ::'s

Change font colors:

  • Use this code in wikitext mode:
  <span style="color: red;">TEXT</span>
  • Change color name to blue, purple, green, etc. as you wish. Replace TEXT with the words you want to highlight.
  • Shows up like this.

Linking to top of page

  • Use this code:
 [[#top|Back to top]]
  • Replace "Back to top" with your own wording if you choose
  • Shows on page as: Back to top

Linking internally to another element within same page

  • Anchor: Decide on an anchor name. Then use this code for anchor (you want to link TO this section):
<span id="anchorname">TEXT</span>

  • Use this code for the words that you want to link FROM

Adding images

Show an OK button.PNG by adding the following code:

[[Image:OK button.PNG]]

Lots of commonly-used buttons are collected at the Helpdesk Documentation Buttons gallery.

Automatically redirect to another page

Useful when you move content and merge pages. The following line redirects a page to Helpdesk:

#REDIRECT [[Helpdesk]]


To add a category to a page, add the following wiki-text to the end of the page (for example the 'Projects' category):


To link to a category page rather than assign a category, use a colon before the keyword, 'Category' as follows:


See the Wikipedia help on catagorization for more detailed information.

See the Special:Categories page for a list of all categories currently in use.

Embedding Videos

This wiki uses the EmbedVideo plugin. See that page for further instructions on how to embed videos.

Here's the syntax for the EmbedVideo plugin:

  • {{#ev:service|id}}
  • {{#ev:service|id|width}}

An example using the "evolution of dance" video on Youtube (first normal sized, then scaled down):

  • {{#ev:youtube|dMH0bHeiRNg}}
  • {{#ev:youtube|dMH0bHeiRNg|100}}

See the Project Homepage for more examples.

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