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Basic Editing

See the Wikipedia help for topics including:


Section headers:

== Big Header == 

=== Medium Header === 

==== Small Header ==== 

Automatically redirect to another page: (Useful when you move content and merge pages.) Put the article title between the brackets instead of "Index", just like when you're creating a normal link to another page.

#REDIRECT [[Index]] 


To add a category to a page, add the following wiki-text to the end of the page (for example the 'Projects' category):


To link to a category page rather than assign a category, use a colon before the keyword, 'Category' as follows:


See the Wikipedia help on catagorization for more detailed information.

See the Special:Categories page for a list of all categories currently in use.

Embedding Videos

This wiki is using the EmbedVideo plugin. The following instructions are from the EmbedVideo page.

The EmbedVideo parser function expects to be called in either of the following ways:




  • service is the name of a video sharing service.
  • id is the id of the video to include
  • width (optional) is the width in pixels of the viewing area (height will be determined automatically)

For example, to include the famous "evolution of dance" YouTube video, you'd enter:


And if you wanted scaled down to thumbnail size, you could use:


Note: See the Project Homepage for more examples.

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