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*[[How long are Middlebury Accounts kept]]
*[[How long are Middlebury Accounts kept]]
==== Information Security  ====
*[[Multi-Factor Authentication]]
==== Information Security ====
*[[Misuse of the College's E-mail System]]
*[[Multi-Factor_Authentication|Multi-Factor Authentication]]  
*[[SPAM and Backscatter]]
*[[Phishing and Scam Websites]]
*[[Misuse_of_the_College's_E-mail_System|Misuse of the College's E-mail System]]  
*[[SPAM_and_Backscatter|SPAM and Backscatter]]
==== Servers and infrastructure  ====
==== Servers and infrastructure  ====

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This is the central location for ITS Helpdesk documentation. Information is updated on a rolling basis and is therefore subject to change. For specific topics, see below.

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