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Specific programs: [[Windows Explorer]] | [[MS Office]] | [[Banner & BannerWeb]]
Specific programs: [[Windows Explorer]] | [[MS Office]] | [[Banner & BannerWeb]]
==Specialized Computer Configurations==
Notes on:
* special computer labs (e.g. [[Sunderland ILC1]], [[Huddleston Lab]])
* specifically configured offices (e.g. [[Reprographics]], [[Communications]])

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Today's talk

  • I'm creating this section as a "mini bulletin-board" where y'all can post tips, reminders, things you want people to read for a couple of days. --Topher
  • Many users seem to not have noticed the rack of Helpdesk guides outside LIB202. Remind them that it's there - encourage people to use it!
  • Securing information - personal identifying information needs to be protected, yet many of us have it on our computers -- want to find out whether your computer may have personal information stored on it? Check out this work at Cornell - http://www.cit.cornell.edu/security/ ("Spider" forensics tool may be of interest) - Nate

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Specific programs: Windows Explorer | MS Office | Banner & BannerWeb

Specialized Computer Configurations

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