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==Applications and OS==
==Applications and OS==
[[Viruses and malware]] | [[Languages]] | [[Useful Applications]] | [[Compatibility]] | [[Operating System]] | [[Data Recovery]] and [[Backup]]
[[Viruses and malware]] | [[Languages]] | [[Operating System#Common tasks|Common Tasks]] | [[Useful Applications]] | [[Compatibility]] | [[Operating System]] | [[Data Recovery]], [[Backup]]
Specific programs: [[Microsoft Office]] | [[Banner & BannerWeb]] | [[Novell Client]] | [[Entourage]] | [[Web Browsers]]
Specific programs: [[Banner & BannerWeb]] | [[Entourage]] | [[Microsoft Office]] | [[Novell Client]] | [[Web Browsers]]
==Using and troubleshooting hardware==
==Using and troubleshooting hardware==

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  • Securing information - personal identifying information needs to be protected, yet many of us have it on our computers -- want to find out whether your computer may have personal information stored on it? Check out this work at Cornell - http://www.cit.cornell.edu/security/ ("Spider" forensics tool may be of interest) - Nate

LIS Helpdesk

Protocol | Policy | Resources | HEAT .

Network & Internet

Network Troubleshooting (Windows, Mac) | Wireless | Email configuration | SPAM and Backscatter | Infrastructure | Remote Assistance | Off Campus Access (VPN, Dial-Up, etc.)

Applications and OS

Viruses and malware | Languages | Common Tasks | Useful Applications | Compatibility | Operating System | Data Recovery, Backup

Specific programs: Banner & BannerWeb | Entourage | Microsoft Office | Novell Client | Web Browsers

Using and troubleshooting hardware

Printers | Monitors | External hard disks | Target Disk Mode

Advanced Port Replicators (docking stations)

Cleaning Computers | Heating issues

Computer distribution & configuration

Distributing Macintosh Computers, Distributing Windows Computers or Distributing Other Computers and Devices

Known Image Issues | Special Software

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