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[[Data Recovery]], [[Backup]], [[Selective Backup]]  
[[Data Recovery]], [[Backup]], [[Selective Backup]]  
[http://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/Category:Specific_applications Specific Applications] such as [[ARTstor]], [[Banner & BannerWeb]], [[CMS]], [[Hyperion]], [[Microsoft Office]], [[Novell]], [[WebMail]], [[Browsers]].  
[http://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/Category:Specific_applications Specific Applications] such as [[ARTstor]], [[Banner & BannerWeb]], [[CMS]], [[Hyperion]], [[Microsoft Office]], [[Novell]], [[WebMail]], [[Web_Browsers|Web Browsers]].  
Misc: [[Known Issues]] | [[Diagnosing Software Problems]] | [[PDF Files]] | [[Downloads from the Helpdesk]] | [[Advanced Topics]]  
Misc: [[Known Issues]] | [[Diagnosing Software Problems]] | [[PDF Files]] | [[Downloads from the Helpdesk]] | [[Advanced Topics]]
== Using and troubleshooting hardware  ==
== Using and troubleshooting hardware  ==

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LIS Helpdesk

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Network & Internet

Network Troubleshooting (Windows, Mac) | Wireless | Routers (aka WAPs or Wireless Access Points) | Email configuration | Email Issues | SPAM and Backscatter | Phishing and Scam Websites

Infrastructure | Remote Assistance | Off Campus Access (VPN, Dial-Up, etc.) | File Servers | Advanced Network Troubleshooting

Applications and OS

Compatibility | Languages | Useful Applications | Operating System | Vista | Viruses and malware

Data Recovery, Backup, Selective Backup

Specific Applications such as ARTstorBanner & BannerWeb, CMS, Hyperion, Microsoft Office, Novell, WebMail, Web Browsers.

Misc: Known Issues | Diagnosing Software Problems | PDF Files | Downloads from the Helpdesk | Advanced Topics

Using and troubleshooting hardware

Diagnostics and Keyboard Combos for Diagnostics | My Laptop Won't Start | Common Hardware Issues | How can I get my computer repaired?

How do I find my serial number | Checking Warranty | Ordering Replacement Parts under Warranty | Shipping Electronics for Repair | Recalls

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Cleaning Computers | Heating issues

SMART Classroom Troubleshooting | Loaner Laptops | Microfilm and Microfiche Machines

Mac Specific: Target Disk Mode | Blinking Question Mark

BIOS and Firmware Updates

Computer distribution & configuration

Distributing Macintosh Computers, Distributing Windows Computers or Distributing Other Computers and Devices

Known Image Issues | Standard Software Bundle | Advanced Mac Configuration Topics | Advanced PC Config Topics

Configuring New Student Computers: without the Dell Student Image | with the Dell Student Image

Technology Education, Technical Documentation, Computing Terminology

Technology Workshops | ASCII Unicode and HTML Tables | Computing Terminology | Getting Technology Training

Library Systems and Services

ILLIAD and ILL (Inter Library Loan)


Feature/Service/Application Requests | Recovering Files With Novel | Virus Notes  | Password Changes | Self-Signed or Expired Certificates | Classroom Directory and Documentation | Simple tips for traveling with computers | Requesting assistance with a film screening | Where can I host a Videoconference on campus? | Misuse of the College's E-mail System

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