Helpdesk Draft Documentation

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Welcome to the Midd Helpdesk wiki! Please read the Wiki Editing Protocol if this is your first visit.
(I just changed around the format of this main page. Please let me know whether you like it! - Topher, 14 Jan.)

LIS Helpdesk

  • General requests - misc requests like common phone extensions, paying tuition, mailing packets, purchasing computers
  • Helpdesk Internal Wiki - Helpdesk reference for non-public information.
  • HEAT reference - How to use HEAT reference (on the internal wiki).
  • Protocol & Tips - Tips and guidelines on how to use and edit this WIKI!
  • Policy - An unofficial reference and statement of our policies.


Media services

Labs & classrooms

Network & Internet


Abuse and risks

Servers and infrastructure

Applications and OS


Viruses and Malware

Recovery & backup

Help with specific applications

Web apps


Using and troubleshooting hardware


Purchase, repair, or replace

Warranties & replacement

Accessories and external hardware

Hardware Maintenance

Computer distribution & configuration


Images and software


Technology Education, Technical Documentation, Computing Terminology


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