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Language schools

At the Helpdesk we speak English. Elsewhere, we have the responsibility to respect the language pledge and the right of the LS students to not hear any more English than necessary. It's the quality of the immersion experience that lets Middlebury offer such a great summer language program.

Language schools are fast and intense and it's a really serious problem if, say, a teacher goes a week without a laptop. Hence we offer laptop loaners and a number of computer labs, as backup solutions. Each school also has a pool of computers that faculty can use (check with coordinator). For students and faculty who are not at Middlebury during the normal school year, we will offer advice, guidance, and moral support as wanted but we generally do not check in their computers for extensive repair or part replacement.

Software & licensing

We have limited licenses available for end users for various programs. When can we install a program for someone, when not?

  • When a user needs to reinstall an OS, we cannot supply disks.
    • There is a disk floating around the Helpdesk that can allow us to help people install non-English character languages on their Windows XP computers.
  • If a college-provided factulty/staff computer or a student's computer purchased through Middlebury needs to be reimaged, we can use the Ghost CD to do so, essentially reinstalling the OS. Reimaging will erase ALL DATA on the computer! Make sure everything is backed up.
  • MS Office etc.: A reminder that licensed software does not circulate to LS and BLSE (Bread Loaf School of English) borrowers. Our software license does not extend to summer borrowers - only regular academic year borrowers.

Passwords and private information

As Helpdesk consultants we have a huge responsibility to use our skills wisely and honestly, in a way that ensures the trust of our clients and optimizes the health of the college.

  • We never take faculty or staff passwords, period.
  • We don't give out personal contact information of consultants, staff or faculty. We can contact the person directly if it's important.
  • We cannot give parents ID or PIN information about their student once the student is here, and we can certainly not help a parent to reset a student's PIN without the student's consent. Grades and such information are all confidential and it is important for us to respect that.
  • Same goes for any information we have in HEAT: we cannot give out ID or other personal information to anyone but that person, in person. go/dir is there if they need it.

--Mitrevski, Petar 22:22, 10 July 2008 (EDT)

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