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It's often hard for me to keep track of the resources we have available for solving problems. Here's a run-down of how to deal with various types of problems.
==Where to look first for help==
* Google
* Knowledgebase
* Search this wiki
* Do a simple search in HEAT
* Troubleshooting Links button in HEAT
* Your fellow consultants
* Staff members
* Software installed on public computers: [http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/lis/help/helpdesk/facilities/labs/facilities_public_software.htm] (also [http://go/media go/media])
* '''Smart classrooms''': [http://go/media go/media] has links to guides to each classroom.
* '''Laptop purchases''': Parents call us asking what model laptop they should buy for their incoming freshmen. Recommended models at [http://go.middlebury.edu/lis go.middlebury.edu/lis] -> Help & Support -> Computer Purchase & Repair -> Student Computer Purchase.
* '''Paying tuition online''': Parents call asking how to get their student's PIN for paying tuition. '''They most likely don't need it''': have them look closely at the section which asks for the student's PIN. It should specify that it actually wants the student's MM/DD of birth.
* [[Digital Media Tutor Schedule]] for the [[Wilson Media Development Lab]]
==Utilities and programs==
We have a list of free programs to add to your utility belt. See [[Useful Applications]]
==Cleaning viruses & malware==
See [[Viruses and malware]] for malware cleaning steps and tips.

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Content on this page has been moved to other pages as appropriate. See General requests; Consultant Guide Helpdesk Consultant Guide .

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