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(NOTE: A booking and a hold are two different things in Sierra.  Place a HOLD to have a book held for a specific patron.  Place a BOOKING on equipment for a specific patron for a specific time in the future.)To create a hold in Sierra:  

  1. Pull up the patron record of the patron who wants to place the hold
  2. Click on the "Holds" Tab on the left side of the patron record
  3. Click "Add holds" (mid-right of the screen)
  4. Search for the item you want to hold by title, call number, or barcode
  5. Click "Hold selected item" button above the item record
  6. Select "place hold; do not print paging slip" (unless it is summer when paging slips are being printed daily, AND you don't already have the item in hand, in which case, select "place hold; print paging slip")
  7. Select pickup location (where the patron wants to pickup the book)
  8. (OPTIONAL) Adjust dates as needed, or leave blank.  Add a note if desired - note will print on hold slip.
  9. Check in item to generate hold and print hold slip
  10. Place item on hold shelf
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