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The ION TAPE2PC allows us to capture audio from cassette tapes (you remember those don’t you?) via USB into iTunes. The audio can then be burned to CD.
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1. Start EZ Tape Converter (Click on Icon on desktop or go Start > All Programs > MixMeister >EZ Tape Converter).
2. Insert the cassette into the ION TAPE2PC deck in the B deck.
3. Press the Play and Pause buttons on the B deck.
4. When you are ready to record, click on RECORD in the EZ Tape Converter window. Then IMMEDIATELY press Pause on the cassette deck to start playback.
5. To demarcate the beginning of a new track, click on the NEW TRACK button where you would like the new track to begin.
6. When you are finished recording, click on NEXT to proceed to the next step.
7. Enter the Artist, Album and Track titles by clicking and typing into the corresponding fields. When finished, click NEXT.
8. EZ Tape Converter will now export your recording to iTunes. Please allow the exporting process to complete.
9. Once the export is complete. You can chose if you want to record again (Click YES or NO). Once you make your selection, click NEXT. YES will allow you to record again, NO will exit the application.
Your recordings may now be accessed through iTunes.

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