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Deprecated contentPlease see https://go.middlebury.edu/tdx or https://go.middlebury.edu/its for information about IT services at Middlebury.
== Network Protocols & Server Types  ==
{| border="1"
| http
| www, community / cat, r25
| https
| webmail, webcommerce, forms, keysurvey, banner (inb and web), hyperion, CMS, netstorage, spam firewall, campus manager)
| smb
| '''file '''servers other than middfiles, midd-unix aka community, etc)
| [[Middfiles]]
| home folder/personal space, classes, orgs, etc.)
| exchange (also works via https)
| mail.middlebury.edu
| pop, imap
| mail.middlebury.edu
| smtp
| ssmtp.middlebury.edu
| ldap
| address book -- ad.middlebury.edu, ldap.middlebury.edu, etc.
| ftp
| ftp.middlebury.edu, nwftp.middlebury.edu
| ssh and sftp
| misc
| afp
| Mac server
and much, much more...
== Network Architecture  ==
ISP => OUR FIREWALL => CAMPUS MANAGER => switches in dorms, acad. buildings, service buildings
No specific details please, just general generic stuff that can easily be found online. i.e.: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_model
IP Address Reservations:  If a "fixed address" is needed for a device on campus, we can offer a "address reservation" for a specific subnet.  This solution provides a constant IP address for the device when plugged into the proper subnet, but also allows network registration pages to load, as well as the flexibility to roam on campus getting addresses in other subnets.  Need to get current IP address (for location where computer needs to be used with that address) and the MAC (hardware) address of the computer in question. 
== User Accounts ==
==== Creation of an account  ====
The steps involved in creating someone's account:
#Banner record created: a name is associated with an ID and the PIN is set.
#User's record updated to indicate status as current student, faculty or staff
#Automatic creation of computing accounts (Windows - Active Directory but not Midd-Unix - see [[How_do_I_create_my_own_web_page#Community_Pages_aka_Midd-unix|this page ]]for more details)
#The automatic creation for student accounts takes place a semester before they start. So students starting in Fall 09 get an account in Spring 09 -- even if they received a letter of acceptance in 2008! For febs, accounts are created in fall.
#User must be added to appropriate groups to reflect course enrollment, department membership, etc. "may" automatically add group membership for account - giving access to various services and resources (ie. class members can email class list, access course website & online reserves, and see data on [https://segue.middlebury.edu/index.php?&site=ET&section=70&page=239&action=site Classes server])
*retirement or graduation "may" result in removal from various groups, and (for most accounts) results in eventual account disabling, then deletion -- 6 months is stated life of account after departure from the college -- Alumni can get lifelong email forwarding on PantherNet [https://www.middleburyalumni.org/Default.aspx].
==== User Accounts Details  ====
*'''Username''' - created by rule, based on first initial followed by last name - if used, first initial, middle initial, last name - if used, first name, last initial - etc. Usernames were limited to eight characters until 2008.
*'''Name changes''' - if the name is not accurate, must be fixed in Banner first - by Human Resources (for faculty & Staff), Language Schools, Registrar's office, Bread Loaf School of English, etc. (depending on the connection to the college. You can check to see if this correction has happened by looking up the person in the Global Address Book and clicking on the Email Addresses Tab. You will see the corrected spelling listed as an alternate email address. More on name changes here: [[Legal Name Change|Legal Name Change]]
*'''alias''' - the username is ALMOST never changed. The answer is likely "no" unless the name was spelled wrong (Banner change first), or the alias spells something inappropriate.
*'''other aliases''' - an alternate email address can be added, and even made their default reply-to address - but the original alias is still the username for login to services
*'''Display Name''' - Last Name, First Name Middle Name -- this can be altered, usually with no significant side effects, on request by the account owner (John McCallister Doe may prefer "Doe, John M." rather than the full middle name).
==== Special Cases ====
*We do not create accounts for Guests or Spouses. Each Library Service Point can hand over a generic username.
*Accounts for temporary J-term instructors are created around the time when they get the course confirmation.
==== Services Affected  ====
*login to lab computers on campus
*middlebury.edu e-mail account (accessible via Outlook Web Access, Exchange, IMAP, & POP software clients - see [[http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/lis/help/helpdesk/documentation/email/ help pages]] for official documentation (for supported software & devices) and wiki discussions on other software & devices
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Deprecated content. Please see https://go.middlebury.edu/tdx or https://go.middlebury.edu/its for information about IT services at Middlebury.

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