Install and Config Lab Software

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Base Software and Configuration for Computer Labs

  • The same software and configuration as faculty/staff computers
  • Specific software packages: LabStats, bios-tweak, keyserver client
  • Disable: Apple Update, Adobe Update, Java Update, Firefox Update, real player update, videolan update, flash update, shockwave update. Also disable prompts to save password.
  • artstor, microsoft allow popups
  • If lectern : have just 4am restart.
  • disable simple file sharing, show all extensions, show hidden and super hidden files, disable automatic searching for network/printers
    domain admins (other admins)
  • Labstats
  • Disable ability to lock the screen
  • Disable hibernation
  • Change power settings if lectern (monitor off after 1 hr, screen saver 1 hr, when I press the power button "ask") (think about appropriate power settings - sleep time, etc)
  • Desktop background warning "No Data Saved" etc.
  • windows policy: do not display last user
  • display computer name via BGInfo on monitor screen (in progress)
  • environmental variable "lab computer"
    set to
  • disable the login message "setting up personalized settings" by deleting HKLM\\Software\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components
  • set computer to autopower on every day at 3:30am or so.
  • set appropriate volume level
  • disable chassis intrusion, set BIOS password, hard disk setting = performance
  • disable IE run once
  • Give admin permissions to appropriate groups
  • auto-logoff after X mins of inactivity
  • auto-reboot machines after x mins of inactivity
  • shutdown machines on a schedule
  • sleep machines on a schedule
  • enable or disable windows firewall

MBH555 - Chemistry Lab

  • Spartan 08 Campus license
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