Installing Heat

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How To Install Heat On Your PC using the AI package

Summary: This article describes how to install the call/issue tracking system Heat.

Platform: Windows XP (and Vista, though that's less tested)


  1. Map a Drive to \\hellokitty\HEATShare\Install HEAT8
  2. Double-click "AI-HEAT-8.35.exe"
    Note: You may getting a message about not being able to load the user hive. Click YES. This is OK.
  3. Wait for the installation to finish.
  4. Run the RegHacks also found in the Install HEAT8 folder.
  5. Next, you need to manually create the System ODBC connection to the Heat server:
    1. Open Control Panel => Administrative Tools => Data Sources (ODBC)
    2. Click on the System DSN tab. If there is a current ODBC Connection to Flame, delete it.
    3. Click the Add button, scroll down to bottom, choose SQL server, click finish.
    4. Another "wizard" style window will appear. In here: Under Data Source enter Flame. Under Description enter Heat Database. Under SQL server enter Ivorytower. Click Next.
    5. On the next screen ensure that "Windows NT authentication" is selected, then click "Next".
    6. The next screen is critical: Check the box for "Change Default database to" and then select Flame from the drop down menu. Click Next, then Finish, then OK and OK again.

The "HEAT and HAT" AI package* (HEAT and HAT.exe) installs BOTH Heat and Hat (the "Asset Tracker"), but it does not configure the ODBC connection to the Heat server.

The longer, deprecated, roundabout way of installing Heat is detailed here: http://kb.middlebury.edu/article.asp?article=1141&p=7

  • An AI-package is a special kind of program (an "installer") that within itself contains all the information needed to install another program with minimal input from the user (usually, all that it takes to install a program using an AI package is to double-click the AI package).

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