Item Selection

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We select publications by choosing item numbers, provided by the GPO, that match specific publications or groups of publications. Once a year we review our selections and add or drop item numbers. Each format- paper, microfiche, or electronic- has a different item number. We can choose which format we want and are increasingly choosing electronic items.

Once we have decided which items are being added or dropped, we need to go to the OCLC website and go through a similar process.(OCLC is the agency that provides our cataloging records.)

  • http://www.oclc.org/us/en/govdoc/default.htm
    * Go to the section from the left- hand side of the page called "Ordering" and go the the GovDocs Status Change form. Our OCLC symbol is MDY and our current billing partner is Lyrasis.

Card File

We also maintain a card file of current item selections and another one for dropped item selections. These contain some useful notes. However, the "current" drawer is not complete. For more info on specific items, and to print a card, you can go to Web Tech Notes http://www.fdlp.gov/collections/collection-maintenance/webtech-notes.

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