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KACE: a Windows computer management suite of applications

KACE is a suite of applications and servers that provide a broad range of computer management tools including imaging (loading operating system and applications in one automated process), software installation, and patching (updating applications from a variety of software vendors including Microsoft, Adobe, and Oracle (Java)). Without a solution like KACE, loading software and applying patches for security and stability have been the responsibility of the end user of a computer. KACE does not take away the ability of end users to manage their own computers; it makes that job easier and automates delivery of critical updates to minimize security risks.

ITS began using KACE during the summer of 2013 to manage Windows computer labs, and is extending use of this tool to other Windows computers across campus. In 2016, ITS launched a new, self-service website from which a growing number of software titles can be obtained.

For more information about KACE, please see our KACE FAQ or contact the helpdesk @ 802-443-2200 or via http://go.middlebury.edu/whd.

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