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=External Links=
=External Links=
[http://www.keysurvey.com/ KeySurvey.com]
[http://www.keysurvey.com/ KeySurvey.com]

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Key Survey is the new super-powerful survey tool that Middlebury College has purchased for academic and administrative surveying needs. If you want to create a survey or poll for a use that doesn't fit the usage policy, such as a survey for personal use, check out some of the free tools such as Survey Monkey.

Usage Policy

  • When creating a survey, you must explain your objectives and procedures, and any risks and benefits to the respondents.
  • As you conduct surveys, you have the responsibility of protecting the rights of the respondents.
  • You must protect the confidentiality, and respect the privacy, of the respondents.
  • The survey must include a method for the respondents to reach you with questions or concerns
  • For certain research involving human subjects, you must get permissions from the Institutional Review Board (IRB): http://go.middlebury.edu/irb
  • To learn more about when it is necessary to go through IRB approval, what constitutes “personally identifiable information”, what information should never be collected, what requires special approval, etc. consult the full policy document at https://surveys.middlebury.edu/WebHelp/SurveyPolicy.pdf

Using KeySurvey

Before you can log in, you need to have your account added to the system. If your account was not added to KeySurvey yet please contact the Helpdesk or your LIS liason.

As of June 2010, surveys are created at Go to http://middlebury.keysurvey2.com or go/keysurvey and log in using your full Middlebury email address (xxxxx@middlebury.edu) and your assigned Key Survey password.

  • Please note: when your account at keysurvey2.com is first set up, you may receive an email from WorldApp, the vendor that hosts KeySurvey, welcoming you to a trial account. Don't worry! Your accounts are set to last longer than a 30-day trial.

Check for browser recommendations at Key Survey http://www.keysurvey.com/products/BrowserRecommendations.jsp

For access to surveys created before June 2010, go to http://surveys.middlebury.edu or go/keysurveyarchive.

Editing Tips

  • After making changes in the list of questions, be sure to click the save button at the bottom of the page.
  • After you create a rating scale once, it appears in the list of available scales. You do not need to create it again.
  • The option for showing "back" buttons is on step #4, "Rules".
  • Be sure to choose "Secure URL" for any urls.


  • Where can I find help on a particular feature?
    • Look for contextual help links in the top-right of most pages.
  • How do I use the Password Protection and Autofill features?
  • What happens if you edit a launched survey?
    • The changes you make are automatically reflected on the launched survey once you save the survey. If you hide a question that somebody has already answered, their answer is saved.
  • How do we print a copy of the survey questions?
    • When editing the survey, click Test in the links under the tabs at the top of the page. Now click the Print Summary button. You'll get a printout of the survey questions and their options, with no page breaks.
  • Can we send a survey to multiple recipients using an e-mail distribution group?
    • Yes. You can send a survey to a distribution group, but that group will only receive one "copy" of the survey. In the Rules section, you can select "Allow multiple responses". You must be careful to copy the link from the "Master URL" box into the email you send out. This will give the desired result: multiple responses from a single distribution group.

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