Key Survey is the new super-powerful survey tool that Middlebury College has purchased for academic and administrative surveying needs. If you want to create a survey or poll for a use that doesn't fit the usage policy, such as a survey for personal use, check out some of the free tools such as Survey Monkey.

Usage Policy

fill this in when the policy is approved

Using KeySurvey

Before you can log in, you need to have your account added to the system. If your account was not added to KeySurvey yet please contact the Helpdesk or your LIS liason.

Go to http://surveys.middlebury.edu/ and log in using your full Middlebury email address (xxxxx@middlebury.edu) and your Middlebury password.

Editing Tips

  • After making changes in the list of questions, be sure to click the save button at the bottom of the page.
  • After you create a rating scale once, it appears in the list of available scales. You do not need to create it again.
  • The option for showing "back" buttons is on step #4, "Rules".
  • Be sure to choose "Secure URL" for any urls.


  • Where can I find help on a particular feature?
    • Look for contextual help links in the top-right of most pages.
  • How do I set a default value in a ranking question?
    • if you know the answer, please add it here.
  • How do I use the Password Protection and Autofill features?
    • Refer to the Extended Autofill documentation

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