KeySurvey Administration

KeySurvey - hosted

As of June 2010, KeySurvey is hosted by WorldApp. Users from the previous Middlebury hosted version were not moved to the new system. New accounts are being created on request.

remote hosted (vendor = worldapp.com)
http://middlebury.keysurvey2.com or http://go.middlebury.edu/keysurvey
administrative login = Middlebury_Admin
password = ******

local instance (surveys created July 2007-June 2010)
https://surveys.middlebury.edu or http://go.middlebury.edu/keysurveyarchive
administrative login = middadmin
password = ******
. As of December 2012, the plug has been pulled on the local server.


  • Need a hole in the firewall to enable off-campus access.

Administrator Accounts

  • Middlebury_Admin - Use this account to add/remove users and edit user properties
  • Template - Design custom survey templates and add to the Question Library
  • safon@keysurvey.com - Change the text labels for the application

User Management: Middlebury_Admin

Creating Accounts

  1. New accounts MUST be created by a KeySurvey administrator. Attempts by end users to create accounts will result in partial accounts that have to be fixed by WorldApp.
  2. New accounts are now (10/5/10) created at a web page:   http://middlebury.keysurvey2.com/FreeTrial.jsp?logon=false&sfRegistration=false
  3. Match Active Directory information for:
    First Name
    Last Name
    Email Address
  4. For Company name:
    use Middlebury or MIIS
  5. For Password/Confirm Password:
    make up a 6 character alphanumeric string
    (ex: asd321)
  6. Click the "I have read…" box
  7. Click on Sign Up
  8. Ignore the next screen that prompts you to create a survey.Click "Log out"
  9. Note: this immediately generates an email to the user from World App welcoming them to their "trial" account. ** So it is important to quickly update the users record with appropriate terms of service, and to send them a separate email that includes the actual URL. **
  10.  Update the user profile
  11. Log on to http://middlebury.keysurvey2.com as Middlebury_Admin
  12. Return to the Administration page/tab < http://middlebury.keysurvey2.com/Member/Admin/Administration.do >
    • Search for new account, after entering criterion in one of the boxes, such as Last Name.
    Click on Search button. A list of matching users will appear at bottom of the page.
    • If more than one user matches your search, click on UserID (these are automatically generated by the system) to see and modify additional information.
    A new screen appears < http://middlebury.keysurvey2.com/Member/Admin/AdminEditSet.jsp?userid=NNNNN
  13. Modify the entries in these fields
    User Type Single User
    Add/Remove Credits 2000
  14. • Click on Show Rights to set other properties:
    For ease of set up and to provide user maximum flexibility
    -- check all entries in the first four columns (Survey Design, Launch, Report, Import/Export)
    -- uncheck all entries in the right-hand column (Options)
    • Save
  15. !!! Notify WorldApp of new accounts !!!
    In the background, they need to update them from "trial" to "professional" status (they are working on methodology for us to do this ourselves [6/10/10]). Send her the email address of users we add.
  16. Students must have faculty sponsor. Send account info to student & faculty member.
  17. FYI: this is the message I e-mail to the user and sponsor.

Your account, username: uname@middlebury.edu password xxxnnn has been created.

Please read our survey policy document at https://surveys.middlebury.edu/WebHelp/SurveyPolicy.pdf

Go to http://middlebury.keysurvey2.com to log in.

The on-line contextual help, accessed from the button at the top right of each screen is very good.
Here are a couple of tips:
• After making changes in any question, be sure to click the save button at the bottom of the page.
• After you create a rating scale once, it appears in the list of available scales. You do not need to create it again.
• The option for showing "back" buttons is on step #4, "Rules".
• Be sure to choose "Secure URL" for any urls.
You can find additional help at the Middlebury Key Survey wiki: - https://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/KeySurvey

Editing Users

Add credits.

If a user reports the message "You have no more credits available. Please contact us to purchase more credits. You can reach by phone at 781-849-8118 or email: support@worldapp.com.", edit the account, as above to assign more credits. They are in unlimited supply! Assign 2000 at a pop. Viewing survey results uses up credits. Credits serve no useful purpose at Midd.


Multi-Access accounts. Some user accounts e.g. for a faculty member with students all doing a class project, have been created as user type "multi-access". KS has to switch the account to this user type. The account holder then has permission to create sub-accounts. The account holder creates subfolders in the main account and issues read/write permissions for the sub-account holders to the surveys in those folders. E.g. each student has a subfolder. Students can write surveys in their own folder and read surveys in other students' folders.

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