KeySurvey Administration

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KeySurvey - hosted

As of June 2010, KeySurvey is hosted by WorldApp. Users from the previous Middlebury hosted version were not moved to the new system. New accounts are being created on request.

remote hosted (vendor = worldapp.com)
http://middlebury.keysurvey2.com or http://go.middlebury.edu/keysurvey
administrative login = Middlebury_Admin
password = ******

local instance (surveys created July 2007-June 2010)
https://surveys.middlebury.edu or http://go.middlebury.edu/keysurveyarchive
administrative login = middadmin
password = ******


  • Need a hole in the firewall to enable off-campus access.

Administrator Accounts

  • Middlebury_Admin - Use this account to add/remove users and edit user properties
  • Template - Design custom survey templates and add to the Question Library
  • safon@keysurvey.com - Change the text labels for the application

User Management: Middlebury_Admin

Creating Accounts

  1. Log in with admin acount
  2. Go to LDAP Users tab
  3. Expand the list and select the user to add
  4. Click the Add > button
  5. Click Save
  6. This account has been created with access to create 1 survey. To increase this number, see Editing Users below.

Editing Users

Non-LDAP sub-accounts

Sub accounts are only for non-Middlebury users. Hold off on doing this for now.

  1. Edit a user
  2. Change user type to Multiuser Admin
  3. Add sub-account credits.
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