KeySurvey Administration

Project Progress

Where are we in the process of deploying KeySurvey?


  • Need a hole in the firewall to enable off-campus access.

Administrator Accounts

  • middadmin - Use this account to add/remove users and edit user properties
  • Template - Design custom survey templates and add to the Question Library
  • safon@keysurvey.com - Change the text labels for the application

User Management: middadmin

Creating Accounts

  1. Log in with admin acount
  2. Go to LDAP Users tab
  3. Expand the list and select the user to add
  4. Click the Add > button
  5. Click Save
  6. This account has been created with access to create 1 survey. To increase this number, see Editing Users below.

Editing Users

Non-LDAP sub-accounts

Sub accounts are only for non-Middlebury users. Hold off on doing this for now.

  1. Edit a user
  2. Change user type to Multiuser Admin
  3. Add sub-account credits.
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