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== Dell Keyboard Combos ==
#REDIRECT [[Diagnostics]]
*F2 to access BIOS
*F12 to access boot menu, then choose "Utility Partition" (may appear as "Diagnostics", as well). Another option that may appear is "IDE Drive Diagnostics" (for hard drive diags only) 
*CTRL+ALT+F10 to go direct into diagnostics (may work on Desktops only!)
*Fn+Power to boot into diags on laptops and use an attached monitor as the primary
*If there is an "Access Direct" button, press and hold that to run diagnostics directly
* Press the blue imb button, or press DEL?
* F2 on newer models to run Apple Hardware Test without needing an install/test CD
* Press and hold "D" - starts Apple Hardware Test (once an install disk or a hardware test is inserted)
* Press and hold "C" to boot from an install disk

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