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KIRK Media Equipment

There have been some changes made to the media equipment in this room. There are two button panels in the room to control the system. One is installed in the rack in the back of the room and the other is located on the wall to the left of the fire place.

• The cable to project from a laptop is no longer located in the rack but is coiled on the floor beneath the button panel next to the fireplace.
• If you are ONLY using the microphone, there is now a Mic On and Mic Off on the button panel. Push “Mic On” to power on the systems, volumes are already set, you should not have to adjust. If you are using any other media source ie. DVD, the amp will turn on automatically.
• When you turn on the projector it will automatically lower the screen.

To Play a DVD/CD

• Push DVD on button panel
• Power on projector “Proj On” button.
• Power on DVD player
• Insert DVD and play.

To project from Laptop

• Push Laptop on button panel
• Power on projector “Proj On” button.
• Connect laptop to VGA cable (If you have a Mac, make sure you have your adapter)
• Power on computer. (If you have problems with projection, call x2200 and requests Media Services assistance)

To watch VHS

• Push VHS on button panel
• Power on Projector “Proj On” button
• Power on VCR
• Insert tape and play

Listen to the Radio

• Push Radio on button panel
• Power on Radio (bottom device in rack) and set your station

If you have any problems, call the Helpdesk at x2200

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